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YJRB "Welcome To The Corner" | Rap Nerd Reviews

It’s never an easy transition going from being an authentic street dude to a rap artist. YJRB is an up and coming artist representing the East Side of Houston, TX. He's on a mission to make his future better than his past through music. After losing many friends to gun violence, he decided to honor them all by listing their names on the wall in the album cover artwork. With Loso D Truth by his side and his artist AK IZZY behind him, he’s ready to focus on making dope music. YJRB recently released “Welcome To The Corner” to bring you into his world.


YJRB "Welcome To The Corner" | Rap Nerd Album Review

The album begins with a fire verse from HollyHood Tay on the title track "Welcome to the Corner". Everybody was dope on this track and the beat was super hard. I also really liked how the vibe got chill during some points of the album like on "Way Up" and "Plug Talk". The project is very well rounded with different types of vibes, so you can easily just find whatever you're in the mood for. With a total of 13 Tracks, YJRB overall does a good job at having the songs in the right order, and attacking each track with confidence. Other Highlights on the album include "Thuggen ft. HollyHood Tay" , "Miss My Love ft. Esther Denis", and "Pull up ft. Jehzan".

"100 , I could never be counterfeit"

YJRB - "Hellcat Red Eye"

The rest of the tracks I thought could have been better. I can tell that YJRB prefers to freestyle off the top of the dome on all or atleast most of the songs. That's cool sometimes, but I would recommend actually writing some stuff down and rehearsing the bars before recording so that the flow can sound smoother. The production and sound quality of the project is pretty good overall.

If you want to tap in with YJRB give him a follow on Soundcloud:


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Rap Nerd Rating (3 out of 5)

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