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Writing On The Wall - "Filtered Water" Rap Nerd Review

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Writing on the Wall“ Filtered Water ”

Album Released: 11-21-2021

From: Austin, TX

In an era of hip hop where we don’t see as many actual groups or duos anymore, it’s refreshing to hear and feel the synergy of ATX based duo Writing on the Wall. The pair consists of Dylonious, and Like Minded Individual. As the old saying goes, “steel sharpens steel” and these two have styles that while different, compliment each other very well. The high detail in the cover alone had me excited to hear the album. It was easy to tell that there’s no gimmicky stuff over here, just pure uncompromised legit raw hip hop.
“Why would a man be his own assassin? Know if i want it i should go and grab it/ so we bout to snatch it before they know what happened”
-Like Minded Individual

Writing On The Wall - Cigs & Exos Check Out the Video Below!

"Filtered Water" Rap Nerd Review

The album starts with “Disclaimer” where Like Minded Individual easily captivates me with his voice, witty bars, and dope flow patterns. Dylonious started going crazy on the second verse spitting bars like “Old me hates the new me and the new me hates the old me but they both agree so i guess fuck it it’s okay”. The first track was enough for me to be able to distinguish the key differences between the two emcees. Dylonious has a very clear diction and makes sure you can hear the emotion and feel each thing he says. My favorite tracks on the album include “Every day” , “Lypton Tea Time”, “Knew new”, and “Danny Downs” (the pitch change midverse for both of them is CRAZY dope!). Although I overall loved the project there are a few low points. This could have been a classic in my book if consolidated down to about 10 tracks. Also while both rappers are very lyrically skilled, they both have a little room to grow delivery wise. The album ends perfectly with “Favorite place I’ve never been” where both artists get vulnerable and personal. Produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by Dick Dawson, the beats were good and the mixing and mastering was immaculate! I love it when artists lock in with one producer. I’m a firm believer that that’s how magic is made. I’m definitely looking forward to the next effort from this duo.
Sincerely ,
D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating (out of 5)

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