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Strat "Dvlpmnt" | Rap Nerd Album Review

Strat recently dropped a new body of work into the universe called “Dvlpmnt”. This diverse South Dakota artist gives you several different styles to pick from so that no matter who you are, you’ll find something to gravitate to. There’s a difference between music you just hear, and music that makes you feel something. Strat has tracks on here that can surely tap into a listener's emotions. The “Dvlpmnt” album paints a picture for you to see a vivid mental picture while you listen.

Album Review:

The album starts with some real inspirational words making the message clear that Strat wants to inspire the masses. We can all relate to the fact that when you have a dream, there are several ups and downs but you have to stay on course. The “Intro” also feels like self therapy for Strat himself. “Bags Dance” was another highlight on the project because it sounds like it could be a worldwide stripclub banger. "The Lonely Song” gives you a cool laid back vibe for the ladies. See how I just mentioned 3 bangers with all different styles? That’s pretty damn dope if you ask me. While being versatile is a great talent, I think it’s also important in hip hop to establish 1 style that you master to build a core fanbase.

"Only God knows if this is meant to be / I’ll find out in due time, even if it’s the death of me" - Strat - “Intermission of Admission”

The album gets deep on “intermission of admission” when Strat gets vulnerable about his internal battles. Other stand out tracks on the project include “Unconditional (still)” and “Katana Mantra” which is one of my favorites for sure. Check out my exclusive reaction video to the track below.

The Chopped and screwed version of “Cadillac on a sunday morning” was a pleasant surprise at the end of the project. It makes that song like 10x doper lol. Overall, Strat has a solid project. I just think maybe it could have been broken down into smaller EPs each with their own vibe. Although the lyrics are well put together, I’d also like to hear Strat experiment with some new flows and different rhyme cadences. I’ll be listening to more music from Strat, and I suggest you all do the same!


D-Sick aka #RapNerd



The Strat Channel on YouTube:



3.5 Rating (out of 5)

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