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Steve On7y "What don't KI77 Me” | Rap Nerd Reviews

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to listen to the latest body of work from Steve On7y titled “What don’t ki77 me” . This project is a true work of art. Attention to detail is very important if you’re attempting to create a hip hop masterpiece. It can be difficult to find that confidence and creativity level within yourself when you don’t yet have a huge following, but Steve makes it clear that despite all obstacles he will still prevail. Everyone is not built for this rap game, but every now and then a diamond emerges from life’s pressures in the form of a hip hop artist. Steve Onl7y’s passion, authenticity, and talent will certainly propel him to the top like a rocket!

“Since the car crash I been living reckless/ moving at a high speed praying for an exit”

-Steve On7y “Act 7ike you know”

"What don't ki77 me" Rap Nerd Review

The album starts off heavy with “Apri7 17th” as Steve On7y speaks about his wins and losses before going into the first bar, “Broad put a baby on me, fuckin up my life!” At that point, I knew that Steve On7y was about to give us his real experiences, and nothing fabricated. One of the stand out tracks on the project is “N.W.A. (Niggas with Anxiety)” . What I'm about to say may sound like a stretch to some, but I felt a

2pac type presence when I heard the flow and the beat. Without a doubt it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. Even though I loved what I had heard so far, I started to wonder, ‘but can he switch it up tho?’. “Mama” did just that with its hard bouncy beat but still sharp word play. That song has a crazy bop to it while still being bar heavy! Steve effortlessly switches up his delivery like he’s been doing this for a longtime. He’s also great at performing his own hooks. Some indie rappers I come across can rap, but not make good songs. it’s usually either one or the other, but Steve handles both of these tasks effortlessly. “Hu$$7e” is another one of my favorites as he creatively describes the struggles of getting and losing money. Make no mistake, although I’m only highlighting my top favorite tracks, rest assured every song is fire and the overall production is immaculate. Steven On7y has a sound that while deep and introspective, you can definitely bump this in the whip and turn up to it. Just when I thought I’d already seen the full range of this great artist I then heard “Spoiled II (feat. Hrtbrktray) This is a track that’s radio friendly and a banger for the ladies! I love to hear well rounded artists with several different bags they can go into. “Act 7ike you know” gets right back to the serious tone of the project with a laid back west coast vibe and slight gospel vibe as well. Sounds crazy right? It is! He also comes with one of my fav bars on the album when he says : “Since the car crash I been living reckless/ moving at a high speed praying for an exit”. It’s apparent that the traumas of this gave him a new perspective on life, and for the better! Steve On7y is super focused and will stop at nothing to reach his goals. I loved that song so much and would have loved for that to be at the end of the project, but I understand why he placed “Sti77 D.R.E.” at the end of the album. A heartfelt tribute to one of his homies that he lost. This hip hop shit is therapy for most artists, and It’s beneficial to the listeners when the artist isn’t afraid to let it all out. The personal life experiences will help listeners relate and get through their trials and tribulations.

In conclusion I REALLY enjoyed "What don't ki77 me" and will keep it in my rotation for sure. I’d like to give Steve On7y the honor of being the first artist that I will give a perfect rating. I have zero complaints about this project. This embodies everything hip hop is supposed to be in my opinion. Keep up the great work man, I’m an instant fan! Yall make sure to check out more from Steve On7y at the links below!




Sincerely ,

D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating: 5 (out of 5) PERFECT


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