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Los Angeles California Is a place that breeds thoroughbred talent and revolutionary soldiers. Skrillah Skit is most definitely a real one! He's no stranger to the danger, but chooses to use his power for good. A family man that stays grounded and focused on pushing a positive message to the youth is unfortunately rare in this hip hop climate. Skrillah makes it clear that he doesn't want to fit in, because he would much rather stand out. I had the pleasure of kicking it with Skrillah for a couple of hours to get his perspective on a lot of different things. I like how this guy thinks. Let's get into some of the highlights of the conversation between Skrillah Skit and myself, the Rap Nerd.

Rap Nerd: Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from? What type of upbringing did you have?

Skrillah: I was born in Long Beach Ca, at Memorial Hospital & was primarily raised in South Central Los Angeles on the east-side off a street called 84th & Main street right near the 110 fwy . My upbringing was middle class, but like all families we had our good & bad days.

Rap Nerd: Who inspired you personally and musically?

Skrillah: Actually my mother & father did from her being very musically inclined & my father having a personal relationship with the late great Sammie Davis Jr. Who was apart of the Rat Pack. Who I remember giving me my first pogo stick for my 7th birthday as a kid . I've been around many celebrities as a child from Ray Charles and a list of other very talented individuals.

Rap Nerd: That's dope! Sounds like you were born to win. I'm sure you soaked up a lot of that superstar energy! So at what point did you decide to pursue a serious rap career?

Skrillah: Since I was age 7 I've always loved music. I had no choice too lol. From Rick James to Earth Wind and Fire or Jazz, it was always getting played in my household.

Rap Nerd: That's what's up bro. It's nice to know that you have a wide musical pallet. In one sentence, how would you describe your sound?

Skrillah: I'm conscious, all about uplifting communities, and spreading positivity.

Rap Nerd: That's very important these days. It feels like we don't get enough of that in hip-hop. What is your favorite song in your own catalogue and why is that one near and dear to your heart?

Skrillah: Honestly, I like "Dat Manchester Exit" because it's where I grew up. It pretty much represented my life in that song and music video.

Rap Nerd: Yes sir that is a dope track right there my guy. I know you've been at it for a long time out here, but let me ask you this: Do you like or dislike the direction that music is going in now? Also, how would YOU like to be remembered when it's all said and done?

Skrillah: I'm completely disgusted at a lot of the music right now because if it's not about drugs ,liquor, sex , or murder, then it's not cool . That's very messed up in my eyes. I personally think rap r&b rock & other genres of music need to be cleaned up & I mean now! Honestly I'm not perfect, but I'd like to be remembered as someone who really tried to make a positive difference in the world for men, woman, and even children.

Rap Nerd: Yep, I'd have to agree. I know there are some new age rappers with a positive message, but they just seem to be a little bit harder to find. I remember a time when we had conscious rappers in the forefront like Public Enemy, Queen Latifah ect. Speaking of the old school, who would you say are the top 4 artists that you'd put on your personal Mt. Rushmore?

Skrillah: Eazy E, Nipsey Hussle ,Tupac, Kendrick Lamar

Rap Nerd: That's a sick line up! They made a major impact on the mainstream industry for sure. With yourself being an important up and coming artist, are there any other rappers on the rise you want to shout out that you feel like the world needs to know about?

Skrillah: My homie Figg Slugga from Savannah GA, Delmar Carter from Savannah GA, my boi M.I. Eazy from NY, also Doc Stuart, my boi SJB AKA JEROMY TANNIN, Snowlahh from Texas & Mageneto From Oakland Ca.

Rap Nerd: That's what's up. I like to know what's next because the game is always changing. Last question homie. I understand that you have a unique style of your own, but how do you see your sound evolving over the next few years?

Skrillah: I'm like fine wine I can only get better with time through my growth & development. That's not to be cocky, that's just the confidence in knowing one's self.

Rap Nerd: So what's the easiest way for the people to tap in with Skrillah Skit so they can stay up to date on what you have going on now, and in the future?

Skrillah: INSTAGRAM: @skrillahskit

Check out the exclusive video reaction for Skrillah Skit's latest single "We All Sin" Ft. Figg Slugga on #RapNerdReviews:

Article written in full by: Derek D. Moore. 7/14/2022 for all inquires.

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