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Ry Harper "Digital Daydreams" | Rap Nerd Reviews

It's no secret that Texas has a lot to offer to the hip hop culture. Countless great rappers, signature swagger, etc. When the casual rap fan thinks of the Texas sound I'm sure they'll think of the slow syrupy flows, but statewide that's surely not the case. Ry Harper has a style of his very own that goes against the grain in a good way. I've had the pleasure of seeing Ry tear down stages, freestyle effortlessly, and consistently drop dope full length projects. I've always been a big fan of his work, and I'm excited to see where he takes us with his latest album "Digital Daydreams".

"Yesterday's a memory, tomorrow is today's dream"
Ry Harper - "Is It Real"

Ry Harper "Digital Daydreams" | Rap Nerd Review

The project starts off vulnerable as Ry Harper talks about living out his dreams and taking a leap of faith on "Is It Real" . Also, "Center Of Attention" and "Be Great" really caught my attention. I like the cadences Ry Harper uses because his bars are easily heard and understood. No mumble rap over here! It's easy to recognize that he really takes time to craft the bars with 110% effort each time. So far, the project is cohesive with the title "Digital Daydreams" and it's inspirational theme. Other highlights of the album include "Kudos ft. Bo Blizzy", "Touche'", Won't be another", and "Peace of Mind ft. Bo Blizzy". The Album closes on a serious spiritual note with one of my favorite tracks "Follow Your Lead ft. Jimmy Blazer". My boy really took us to church with this one! Ry Harper is spiritually grounded and that keeps him on the right path.

"I know I aint perfect, but this life is worth it/ wisdom from up above call that higher learning"
Ry Harper - "Peace of Mind"

Overall this was a great album as I expected. Knowing Ry personally, I know that not only does he drop bangers, but he's also a certified audio engineer who mixes and masters his own art. In my book he'll always get extra points for that. There are some beats on the album that I just wasn't feeling, but I know Ry Harper tries to be as versatile as possible experimenting with many different vibes. Lyrically compared to past project, Ry has not lost a step and is getting better and better every time. I'm certain that with the right push and resources, Ry Harper could be a household name. When he blows up like an active grenade, don't say the Rap Nerd didn't tell you so!

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D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (4 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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