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Olivier Laurent "Lavi Bon" | Rap Nerd Reviews

As we all know, life can surely have it's ups and downs. Throughout the peaks and valleys of life, the most important thing is perspective. You can either choose to focus on the beauty, or the ugliness that life brings. "Lavi Bon" translates to "Good Life" in Haitian Creole, and is also the title of the latest body of work from Olivier Laurent. With 8 tracks, Olivier takes us on a journey of different emotions that the human experience brings to us all. This masterpiece has relatable stories that will touch the soul! The production is solful, but the raps from Olivier Laurent can surely be defined as true hip-hop.

"I feel like the name of the game is being yourself and giving the best of you/ & even if money is short believe in the lord because he will invest in you"
Olivier Laurent - " Butter ft. DJ A1 "

Olivier Laurent "Lavi Bon" | Rap Nerd Review

The album starts off on a humble vibe as Olivier seems to have a sincere conversation with himself, or a higher power in the first verse of "For a Long Time". The second verse is him paying homage to his mother, and his appreciation for her sacrifices. Very vulnerable and powerful words are spoken on this track, I can surely respect it. Track 2, "Butter (feat. DJ A1" is a confident and borderline cocky vibe. The beat on this is smooth and has a fire beat switch near the end. From there the album gets more laid back with my favorite song, "Sometimes (feat. Da loop)". I know the smokers will appreciate the vibe of this song, but this is more than just your typical weed anthem. The pocket Olivier jumps into on his verse is absolutely amazing! The chorus speaks to how each high is different, but sometimes we just need a break from reality when the world feels heavy.

"Discounted Grammy (feat. Richie J)". is a very honest song about how men can feel trying to maintain monogamy in relationships. The concept of the track highlights our under appreciation for great women sometimes. She may really be a trophy, but sometimes the man can treat her like a discounted item rather than something he paid full price for. Usually as a result of this way of thinking, the relationship goes sour and more likely than not, the relationship ends. "Amaria's Interlude" (feat. Amaria Simone)" is a beautiful way to portray the feelings of what it's like to miss someone after the breakup. The interlude flows seamlessly into track 6 "Put the Bottle Down (feat. Amaria Simone)" After missing someone, usually the emotion following that would be some type of regret when reality starts to sink in. Alcohol can become a coping mechanism, or even sometimes a way to open up to people like you never have before.

"The liquor talking to me telling me i'm a f**king goat/ my conscious talking to me telling me that i'm all alone"
Olivier Laurent - "Put The Bottle Down (feat. Amaria Simone)"

The sequencing on the project is outstanding and flows naturally. Usually after a night of drinking, you get the title of the next song, "Hangover (feat. Kaeson Skrilla)" . On this one Olivier kicks it off spitting "The plan was to drink until the pain's over/ but what's worse, the pain or the hangover?" This song sounds like a love triangle story between Olivier and Skrilla, and a young lady. By the end of track 7 I was left with only only thought, the music is great, but can he make an uptempo song with hit potential? The title track "Lavi Bon" does just that! Catchy hook, a beat that makes you want to dance, and a sharp lyrical presence, this is a whole vibe. The features on this track took it up a notch, and the tune is very well executed. I most certainly could hear this one banging in the clubs worldwide!

In conclusion, "Lavi Bon" gave me everything I needed from a hip hop artist. The ability to tell a whole cohesive story within 8 tracks and to be vulnerable with real life experiences makes this timeless art. The replay value of this project is high, and I recommend everyone go check this album out! I don't loosely give out perfect album reviews, but this one definitely deserves it!

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D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (5 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore


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