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Moodie B Trublz "The F.A.S.T" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Most would say that a person's art is a true reflection of who they really are. It's quite obvious that Moodie B Trublz poured his heart and soul into his latest body of work "The F.A.S.T". Coming from southern cali but now in Austin Texas , Moodie has a little something for everybody on this project. From the boom bap style, to R&B vibes, to island vibes, this has to be one of the most versatile up and coming talents I've ever heard!


Moodie B Trublz "The F.A.S.T." | Rap Nerd Review

Right from the start of the project Moodie B Trublz makes it clear that he's a lonely creative soul that wants to make a heavy impact with his music. On track 1 "F.A.S.T." Moodie emphasizes making sure to separate himself from the fake, and surrounding himself with solid individuals. More of that same subject is in the second track "Made You Look", but this time in a more aggressive tone. The message is clear from the start when he says "Don't call me a friend if we aint breaking ends and I aint Jesus, Jezebel, you tryina break some bread" So far I'm loving the vibe on this album, and i'm excited to see ultimately where this ride will take me. Track 3 "3:54" took me for a loop, as it had a whole new groovy vibe reminiscent of that soulful Anderson .Paak sound. By the time we get to my favorite track on the album "Gimme That", I was in awe thinking "WOW, how many styles does this man have?!?" I could have sworn I was listening to Drake for a second. Moodie is a master at catching new flow pockets, and can actually sing when he makes melodic records. He's really a jack of all trades and he deserves all the success that he's been grinding for.

"Coulda been lost in the sauce, coulda played the peasant but I chose to be a boss / Leading by example gotta sample off of Pac... Nipsey, JayZ, Fifty and Dogg"
Moodie B Trublz - "Just Me"

A couple of my other favorite joints on the album were "Jim Kelly", and "Bigger Than Me". The wordplay is flawless as he gets back into the more hardcore lyrical sound that I like.

"It's a paradigm comparing minds to think we the same / I see them puppet strings that interweave within ya brain "
Moodie B Trublz - "Bigger Than Me"

In conclusion, "The F.A.S.T." by Moodie B Trublz is a phenomenal body of work! With his swiss army knife of many different styles, I think the versatility can be a gift and a curse at the same time. It's great to be able to do it all at a high level, but sometimes being this multitalented makes it difficult to find your own identity and true sound. Either way, I enjoyed every song on the project. I'd love to hear more music from Moodie, and I suggest you all check him out. When he blows up like C-4 , don't that the Rap Nerd didn't tell you so!

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D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (4.5 out of 5)

2022 Album Release of "The F.A.S.T"
released November 13, 2022 Producer credits: Arza Arzito Y2 LebanonDonBeats Donato Engineering credits: Oscar Rivera (7thstreetsound) Cody Acosta(Spitshine Studios) SkBeats512(Spitshine Studios)

Presented by 'Thought Provoking Music LLC'

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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