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Marcus Parker - "Grown Folk Business" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Marcus "M-Positive" Paker is from Port Arthur Texas, and a true underground legend in my book. Personally, I've known and been a fan of his music since the early YouTube days. Since then his general message has never changed, and he usually writes positive empowering music for the youth. This time around MP is taking a different approach by targeting adult struggles, hence the title "Grown Folks Business". He's like a cross between a motivational speaker, a therapist, and a rapper. Marcus Parker always knows how to make relatable positive Hip Hop without it sounding corny 😂. It's my pleasure to review his latest album "Grown Folk Business".

"Remember to love yourslef keep your confidence lifted, 'cause you're the only one of you ever made in existance"
Marcus "M-Positive" Parker - "I Choose Happy"

Marcus Parker "Grown Folk Business" | Rap Nerd Review

With 9 tracks on the project, it's easily digestible and gets right to the point. In the Intro, Marcus Parker explains how and why he got started rapping. Now that some of the students he rapped for are adults, it's only right to make an album about those types of problems. A majority of the album was produced by Beat Masta Wes who produced tracks for UGK and graduated high school with the legendary Pimp C. For me, the first stand-out track and one of my overall favorites were "Thank You". This song is a reminder that we always have something to be thankful for. Going through life I've learned that when gratitude is the attitude, you'll always be blessed and live in abundance. "Emotion Technician" is another banger that tackles the topics of anxiety and stress which a lot of adults struggle with. MP mentions how he doesn't even really like to rap, but he knows his purpose is to motivate the world. Track 5, "Happy Father's Day", is an uplifting tune to appreciate the sacrifices of fathers who may sometimes feel unappreciated. I'm going to make sure I listen to this song this upcoming Father's Day because I'm currently waiting on the arrival of my firstborn.

"Look up in your mirror, and you'll see clearer you're your own competition and there is nobody realer"
Marcus "M - Positive" Parker - "I'm Trying To Heal"

The vibe of the project smooths out with my favorite track on the album "I Choose Happy". On this one MP talks about how even when life gets hard, you can't let your problems change the person you are. The album closes out strong with "I Dream About A World". This one was produced by MP himself, and he raps about a world full of motivated youth.

In conclusion, this was a super solid album and definitely his best full body of work. It's almost like a breath of fresh air to hear rap with no curses and a great relatable message without sounding too "preachy". Marcus Parker makes mention of this being his last album, so I highly recommend yall go check this out. His now adult fans definitely needed this, and I appreciate the effort he puts into making the world a better place.

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Rap Nerd Rating (4 out of 5)

released May 21, 2023

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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