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Jerms - "WWJD" - Rap Nerd Review

The revolution has arrived! At least that's how I feel listening to this dope track "WWJD." Jerms is a flame spitter out of East Flatbush, Brooklyn. He doesn't disappoint at all over this cinematic and rebellious banger produced by Skyz Muzik. I could tell off rip that Jerms has a lot of confidence and charisma but not only that, he really has a real message within his bars. When I heard bars like "F**k a opp, put a bag on Zimmerman" and "Capital of crypto they can't raid the spot" I knew that it was about to get real. The track has a militant, yet soulful vibe and every bar hits hard. Jerms commands attention on the mic, and cleverly crafts his bars. It's refreshing to hear a more traditional east coast flow, and it reminds me of the time that most people called 'the golden era' of hip hop. Other lines that caught my attention was when he says:

"some owe me a couple favors make sure that my kin right/ don't miss me when i'm gone get whatever my kids like / take calculated risks if ever my kids gripe/ put em in a shirt like whenever my kids fight"

All in all I really like the song and I will be checking out more music from Jerms, I suggest you all do the same! Check out the song HERE ON SPOTIFY. . 👈🏽 Get with it or get lost!


D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating: (out of 5)

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