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Horizon- "Season" | Rap Nerd Reviews

The underlying theme of hip-hop in my opinion has always been about overcoming adversity. Rap music (Rhythm and poetry) is filled with relatable stories, affirmations, chants, and mantras. Anytime a soldier goes into battle, an athlete goes out to compete, or even when the average man goes to work every day, there is always some type of motivational music they listen to beforehand that gets them prepared for war. The first step to conquering any challenge is to keep a positive mindset. Up-and-coming hip-hop talent Horizon's latest single "Season" is something that anybody who is determined to win will love. In an era where a lot of mainstream rap sounds the same, it's always a breath of fresh air to hear music that will motivate the youth and uplift the spirit of the listeners.

"Nertheless stay focused on makin' progress / I calculated every step I could live with no regrets"
Horizon - "Season"

Horizon"Season" | Rap Nerd Review

The timeline of the track starts from the start of the day where Horizon raps "Early morning full of rest now I'm feeling fresh, woke up with a lighter chest, stronger now I'm at my best". This line caught my attention right away and made me think about the bad advice cliche phrase "Hustlers don't sleep". In my personal experience, I've learned that it's really important to get good rest so that you have the energy to handle business with a clear mind. Horizon goes on to compare his hunger and passion to that of a pit bull and mentions having been locked up. I can hear the ambition and authenticity in his voice. The catchy hook sounds dope over the soulful boom-bap instrumental. The music video is well executed and shows Horizon sparring and jogging. These are good representations of hard work and sacrifice. The main thing I love about this track is the positive never give up message behind it. Lyrically the flow was sharp and clever. The cadence/flow is in pocket and seems to come effortlessly.

"Sacrafice through the plight, workin' hard day and night / Pushin' the limites to the max before it all collapse..."
Horizon- "Season"

All in all, I really enjoyed this new single "Season" by Horizon. I expect him to have a bright future since his mind and spirit seem to already be in the right place. He understands that hard work today will harvest the fresh fruits of tomorrow. I'd highly recommend everyone to check this guy out, and I look forward to his future upcoming releases. #RapNerdApproved

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Rap Nerd Rating (4 out of 5)


Main Artist: Horizon

Recording Studio: Deep Productions @deepproductions

Song Produced by: Kuddie Fresh @kfreshmusic

Song Engineer: Bryan Tyson

Year: 2023 Directed by Steven Quach @director.stevenquach

Filmed by: Steven Quach

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