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Gran Larson- "SOUL 73" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Updated: Sep 4

Ever since Andre 3000 boldly demanded respect for Southern hip-hop at the 1995 Source Awards, the doors of the music industry have been kicked wide open for rappers in the South. Many rap legends are southern bred, and many would say that the South has been in control of mainstream hip-hop for at least the last decade. Gran Larson out of Dallas Texas is one of the freshest talents from the region. After listening to his latest project I believe he has a sound that can transcend all coasts. The title "SOUL 73", stems from a Dallas-based AM radio called KKDA SOUL 73. With only 9 tracks and just a few key features, Gran Larson paints a vivid picture of the world through his eyes.

"You must not care about life if you respect the shooter"
Gran Larson - "Bless God"

Gran Larson "SOUL 73" | Rap Nerd Review

The album opens up very honestly and poetic. "Bless God" is a personal song with potent lyricism. Gran Larson really poured his heart out on this one, and I can appreciate the time taken to make sure each bar is delivered with passion. I hate when rappers only rap about how good they rap, but in actuality don't have any substance. Gran Larson's music has a positive message, and I heard many motivational gems in every song. On "The Play" I loved the inspirational chant on the hook "The World is Yours!". I love that song because it's relatable to anybody with a dream. There are a few SOUL 73 radio drops in the album that help tie it together cohesively. Nearly halfway into the project, there's a major energy shift on "Pick and Roll". The song features L00ney L00n and his verse is bananas. The bars are immaculate all the way through, so that's surely one of my favorite tracks. Other highlights on the album for me include "We Can't Stop (For Nothing)" and the more experimental sounding "Cupid's Broken Arrow / Anthony's S.O.U.L." This song really showed me his raw artistry and ability to use his voice as an instrument. There's also a touching poem at the end.

"On a different element, write about it tell a friend, roll with the punches keep my chin down I can score a win"
Gran Larson- "On My Way Home"

"Put it in they face and make them suckas feel it" is exactly what Gran Larson did throughout his well-executed "SOUL 73" project. The songs are full of substance but still dope enough to cross over if that's what he intends to do with his career. Whether underground or mainstream, this project is a breath of fresh air. I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this great talent, and I look forward to his upcoming music.

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Rap Nerd Rating (5 out of 5)

released July 11, 2023 Production: Curt McGurt, MarcDBeats, Sane Infinity, BLVDBRXX & Matcy P. Featuring: L00ney L00n, Ca$h Taylor & Pyro2fz Mixing: L00ney L00n & Curt McGurt

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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