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Grady "HEAVY" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Some artists focus on making music for other people to jam to, while others create their art purely for artistic expression and therapeutic reasons. Grady is a super talented lyricist and in my opinion a true diamond in the rough with a real passion for expressing his raw thoughts over beats. The spiritual themes of his songs and personal subject matter indicate to me that Grady is making music straight from the heart and soul. You may recall when I gave high praise to his previous EP "BabiesNFools" , so I was very excited to check out Grady's latest body of work "HEAVY".

"They say we uninvited guest though forced to sip the wine / That's a pork chop sandwich while reading out the Koran"
Grady - "Uninvited Guest"

Grady "Heavy" | Rap Nerd Review

Classic art in underground hip hop in my opinion has to be the full package. For me this package consists of: positive and progressive subject matter, clever bars, innovative flows, flawless beat selection, full transparency, creative artwork, and sonic cohesiveness. "Heavy" embodies all of these attributes. Grady really outdid himself with this concise 4 track EP. The project starts with the title track, and the vibe feels like a fusion between hip-hop jazz and spoken word. Grady get vulnerable on this track as he seems to be having a very personal conversation with the lord. Track 2, "Uninvited Guest" picks the pace up with a more upbeat track with dope african sounding drums. The aggressive flows on this caught my attention, and this is easily my personal favorite song on the project. "Young Kings" is a short but powerful 90 second track addressing adolescents that spiral down the wrong path. The last track "Now&Then" is an audio masterpiece because it clearly explains the sad clown image on the cover art. Grady cleverly ties in all the titles of the tracks together in some of the bars, and he spits: "Heavy is the crown, tears from a clown. lately I've been feeling over crowded in this empty room, me and all my thoughts... me and all my thoughts conversing..." This is a clear description of the cover art, and that to me represents how serious Grady is about making his music.

"Working overtime and over time it takes over time / soul is in disarray, constantly I overthink"
Grady - "Now&Then"

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this EP. I highly recommend you all support Grady and pay attention to these dope projects he's been dropping. There's always room to flourish in the hip-hop industry when the songs sound timeless, and they aren't chasing the latest trendy beats flows and subject matter. I can't wait to see what Grady has in store next for the listeners! #RapNerdApproved

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Rap Nerd Rating (4.5 out of 5)

released March 15, 2023 Tracks 1&4 prod by bvtman Tracks 2&3 prod by Ray Boogie Recording and mixing done by jinx courtesy of you're welcome entertainment

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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