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DEVAN CHILDS "Searching for myself 2: Still Searchin' " Album Review

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Devan Childs

“ Searching For Myself 2: Still Searchin’ ”

Album Released: June 2021

Salamanca, New York

  • As Seen in TKK Magazine

Devan Childs is a true diamond in the rough and I believe he has the potential to be an underground New York juggernaut! After listening to his latest project I'm instantly a fan and I’m sure after listening you will be as well. From my research I’ve gathered that Devan is very self-sufficient as an artist. Aside from rapping he also has experience in engineering and music production! The subject matter for the harsh reality type of music on this project did not come from out of nowhere. Growing up as a mixed kid (Lebanese, Native American and White) but appearing to be predominantly white, he faced many prejudice based struggles. He later formed Section III with his business partner Anthony Aloia with the catchy yet warming motto “By the people, for the people”. After that it was all uphill from there!

“I don’t think I can be what you want me to be/ feelin’ heartless from the days I wore my heart on my sleeves ”

-Devan Childs “Damaged” check out the video below!

“ Searching For Myself 2: Still Searchin’ ” Album Review
One thing I can say for sure about this album is that it’s very relatable! No matter what side of the Kuldesac you’re from (see what I did there) you’ll find something on here that touches your soul. The theme of the project feels dark and it’s mostly about pain, struggles and hardships which we all have faced at some point. On one of my favorite tracks “Overcome” Devan says “Suicide attempts, not once but 5 times/ I battle with my mind, feel pain in all my rhymes”. On the track “Salvation” he passionately says “Pray for my soul I promise I really need it”. Mental health is an important subject these days and I appreciate him putting his own pain into the music to help others heal. This is the type of music that literally changes lives, it’s more than music. I rated this album so high because from the subject matter to the wordplay to the production this project is nearly flawless. I noticed that earlier this month he’s already dropped the official video and new single “Got My Own” for his next project “Lone Wolf 3”. The song also includes Eearz & Mark Battles check that out by clicking here! Devan Childs is definitely Rap Nerd approved and when he takes off like a rocket, don’t say the Rap Nerd didn’t tell you so! Check out my rating below! Make sure to follow Devan Childs on Instagram @devanchiiilds .
Sincerely ,
D-Sick aka #RapNerd

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