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Ben Buck x BoomBaptist "The Marquee" Rap Nerd Review

Every now and then we need a breath of fresh air, and some real authentic unapologetic hip hop. Not realizing at first that it was only 7 tracks, when I first played the EP I was disappointed it had ended so quickly so I ran it back again, and then again! I felt like Ben Buck and BoomBaptist took me back to the essence of not only what rap should sound like, but what it should FEEL like. This is a very well rounded project that gives me MF DOOM vibes and it truly sounds top tier. This is proof that the underground rap scene is by no means secondary to mainstream hip hop. Although this is my introduction to BoomBaptist, I've had the pleasure of seeing Ben Buck rip many stages in Austin. Whether it be rapping, beat boxing, or DJ'ing he's always killing it!

-Check out Ben Buck beatboxing with Inspectah Deck of WuTang Clan live 2021!!!!!

The heat seeker the pen leavin' a mark of words/ street sweepin' I been keepin' this art reserved"

- Ben Buck "TheChoke"

"The Marquee" Rap Nerd Review

All of the beats on the project are pure bliss. Of the 7 tracks the highlights are "Marquee", "Classics" , and "Mind Matter". With that being said let's be clear, every song was fire! It's apparent that this is an effort from not a rookie duo, but well seasoned underground hip hop vets. The EP feels like a journey through the life of a true hip hop head, or rap nerd rather. It starts with how the passion was formed and how it began, and ends with Buck "reflecting on the days where the audio mattered". There are zero low points in the journey of this project and I look forward to a possible sequel from this super duo. As a producer and audio engineer myslef some of the mixing style wasn't for me, however you can never tell a true artist how to paint the canvas. All in all I hope this project gets international praise because it definitely deserves to be in every real rap nerd's playlist!

Sincerely ,
D-Sick aka #RapNerd



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