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Avalanche the Architect "Let There Be War" | Rap Nerd Reviews

We all know that since hip-hop's inception in 1973, the culture has gone global and reached unimaginable heights. The lyrical bar is set very high by our pioneers, and it takes true skill to make it in this game. Many people want to be down and represent the culture, but only a few actually stand out. Alongside the mainstream talent, the underground hip hop scene will always be the true backbone of the culture. Canada's border is not far from the mecca of hip-hop, so it's no surprise that our neighboring country has strong roots in the culture as well. Avalanche the Architect is a Canadian hip-hop artist who to me has a style that combines the subgenres of horrorcore and gangsta rap. Avalanche also has an interestingly extensive martial arts background. His voice and delivery is one of a kind, but to me it's reminiscent of a few legendary rap artists with aggressive tones & witty bars such as M.O.P. , DMX, ODB, ONYX, and so on. I'm honored and excited to review his latest album titled "Let There Be War".

"Fall in line or you could die with the rest/ They say raw flesh is hard to digest"
Avalanche the Architect - "Raw flesh is hard to digest"

Avalanche the Architect "Let There Be War" | Rap Nerd Review

The first thing I noticed and appreciated about the project is that it wasn't an overwhelming number of tracks. With 10 tracks and a total runtime of 24 minutes, Avalanche paints his lyrical portrait vividly, aggressively, and skillfully. The artwork is on point with the music and super creative. I like most of the songs on the album, but for this review i'll mainly focus on the standouts that demanded my attention the most. Track 1, "Talk the talk", starts off with Avalanche reminiscing on doing what he had to do in the streets to stay afloat. It felt genuinely real, and was full of crazy dope bars like "I'm stronger than Broley, you weaker than Krillin". My anime people know what that means lol. "Ango Ambo" also had one of my favorite lines like when he says "Banana clip make a egg head scramble". This song probably had my favorite beat on the album as well. Another stand out track for me was "Lyrical Mastery". I really enjoyed the flow on this one. The best song on the whole album overall I'd say is "Brainiac Maniac". The confidence Avalanche the Architect displays on the mic really shines bright on this one. The beat gives me a classic DJ Premier vibe and the lyrics don't disappoint.

"I hate mumble bubble gum, candy rap"
Avalanche the Architect - "Brainiac Maniac"

At this point in the project I can tell that Avalanche the Architect means business, and will muscle his way through any obstacle necessary by any means necessary. If the Avalanche character shown on the album cover art were a real anime/cartoon, the character would be a violent enforcer. "Auditory Blitzkrieg" puts this picture in my head as he describes the mentality of

'wartime avalanche." Certain elements of this song remind me of early Slim Shady. The album ends with "The Lyricalist", now this one is a banger! The production on this track sounds futuristic and fire. Avalanche makes his mission and target clear by saying that he's aiming at mumble rappers, and bringing boom bap back.

Overall "Let There Be War" was very solid. I'd recommend anyone who likes clever punchlines to give Avalanche the architect a listen. The only critiques I really have is that I would have liked to hear maybe some storytelling, or some songs that show a different side than just the tough guy. Being a multidimensional artist is always a plus in my book. Canada has a greatly talented artist on their soil, and he's destined to blow up big if he stays consistent.

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D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (3.5 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore


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