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2022 Is the year for Hip Hop and Rap.

Hip hop, Rap, R&B, and soulful word is the hottest aspect of the charts every year of the 2010 to 2020 decade, and this year is no exception in 2022 with some of the hottest albums this year including Joey Bada$$“2000”, Post Malone – “Twelve Carat Toothache (Deluxe)”, Ne-Yo – “Self Explanatory”, Vince Staples – “RAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART”, Curren$y & The Alchemist – “Continuance”, Earl Sweatshirt – “SICK!”, SZA – “Ctrl (Deluxe)”, Ella Mai – “Heart On My Sleeve”, and Beyoncé – “RENAISSANCE”

The roots of Austin have always hosted artists from the rap scene like MC overlord, MC Nook, Hip hop Mecca, Nelly, Tee Double, Kydd Jones, Tank Washington, Cory Kendrix, and producer Haris Qureshi, Magna Carda, Rapid Ric, DJ Phyfteen, Zeale, Phranchyze from The Blackillac moniker, the city’s premier hip-hop DJ Hella Yella and Austin’s original Dirty Wormz with DJ Crash.

In Austin, the club downtown Hip Hop City is where the scene took reputation in the Texas capitol. This stage hosted many great artists and DJs back in the day here in the music capital, with influence from other cities around Texas like Houston and Dallas.

These two cities have always influenced the scene and have artists that show up to our regular musical events yearly to share their creative talent, especially at Austin festivals.

This is a shout-out to the College of Hip Hop Knowledge, one of the greatest crews and labels you can listen to live in Austin regularly at the local monthly run at Independence brewery every second Friday of the Month.

This Label and local talent is taking up the torch to continue the open space for this scene to collaborate and shine on the stage they host in south Austin for Open mic nights and have a studio to provide artists their own way to continue creating what we fans love.

The College Hip Hop of Knowledge label is filled with versatility from flow to lyricism. With each of their talented artists bringing more to the table this group will be the next step in the reputation of Austin Rap. Their current roster consists of CasinoAtx, Sill, Tall Kyle, AKAdemics - (Big Mic x Jsun The Prophesor x DJ Berlin), Sound of the Underground - (Mic Trey x The Culprit), Big Mic, Jsun the Prophesor, and last but not least the east side legend Big Tree 4Real.

The College of Hip Hop Knowledge was founded in 2016 with the mission statement - of community, unity, and opportunity.

There has been a need for a group to bring out more of the underground hip hop labels on the scene, to provide opportunities for all serious artists to enrich their careers. At CHHK, these ingenious artists saw this void needed to be filled in Austin Texas, and the need for a collaborative so many talented Hip Hop artists that deserve attention can reach a bigger platform.

This collage of hip-hop stars ranges from the old school knowledge and new-age talent that continues to grow the skill of this group with MCs that continue to push the rap scene.

Their talent shines through the fog of common knowledge and integrates more than just the common beat style or mainstream scene on YouTube playlists. They are genuine artists that are bringing back the torch that has been in the roots of Austin. Come check out the CHHK crew as they share talent with their audiences to think deeply about their lyrics, or just bump to the beats from their Drip.

Each of these inspirational artists offers a deeper history in their history with Rap that I will be going into further, and I will be providing an interview with each member as this year progresses.

A little bit about the Professional Recording studio under construction. “The Academy '' is the new and improved studio that is nearing completion for the label. Jsun The Prophesor will be manning the boards with their top-of-the-line mixing equipment & software.

This spot will be one of the top-notch recording studios providing a workspace with the completely custom-crafted soundproof floating vocal booth armed with a top-rated Neuman condenser microphone for crisp sound. This space will astound artists & provide a worthwhile investment for any musical talent looking for these top-rated services.

Let's all make the most of it and bring the underground out of the woodwork and provide more open spaces for the underground talent here.

Come out to collaborate and cause a riot.

Whether it be a peace train or soul train hop on the underground rails let's hop on.

Upcoming events

College of Hip Hop Knowledge - Independence Brewing Co.

Friday Oct. 14th

3913 Todd Lane 8p-Midnight


All Ages

*no outside alcohol allowed* Alcohol must be purchased from independence brewing.

written by Ethan Guion

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